THE RAMONES are cited as first band to define punk rock music. This band was a major influence on the 70s punk movement!

But they are gone, forever… unfortunately!

Well… here we are: THE NITRONES! 1-2-3-4 – HEY HO, LET’S GO!

We don’t need fancy make-up, we don't have teased hair! Like our heroes, we just wear jeans, sneakers, leather jackets and WE play purest punkrock’n’roll from the bottom of our hearts! 

Are you thirsty for real punk rock?

This is our personal tribute to one of the probably most underrated band of music history. Rock and Roll Highschool, Sheena is a Punkrocker or Pet Sematary, just a very few classics proving that raw and honest punkrock never gets old fashioned!

Bruno, RT, Mickey and Nick Nitrone are ready to kick your ass before you realise it!